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Back again

After some weeks of land lubber life soon we will float again. After eating so many miles this time we will go and relax but still sailing....Maybe this gives us also time to shoot some cool drone footages. 

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On site check @ Didim Turkey

Lifgun is on the hard, Yachtworks Shipyard is carrying out a more or less big maintenance and refurbishing job. However - after a lot of sailed miles Lifgun is deserving such a treatment. I'll go visiting her middle of April, hopefully the ordered spares also arriving then. The main jobs we are doing on her are :

Installing a new rudder, new sails, fixing the keel, fixing all the railing poles, checking everything everywhere....... 


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Approaching the Cape of Good Hope

Friends, will leaving the summer here in Switzerland on July 17 to dive into the winter of Cape Town. The plan is to sail up to Durban, which is (at least from my point of view) only possible during the winter months, when NW'erly winds are blowing. Although this could become a wild ride due the Agulhas Current and the Indian Ocean. 

I'll keep you posted - first Lifgun will go trough a check up before we set sail in direction Durban. 

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Approaching starting point

Traveling down to Valencia for final provisioning and preparation work, planned start day within a week from now on. First an hopefully only pit stop is Cape Verde islands.  Anyway -the plan is to watch out for a reasonable weather window to reach the atlantic ocean in a gentle way. From then on check the BLOG section for news....

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Visiting Albania

So, finally the plan is here...last training trip before the big one.....the idea is to sail single handed and nonstop to Leuca (Puglia / IT) which is about 1100 nm. To relax in the Adria few days and visiting Albania (from Saranda to Vlora) and then heading back to Valencia. Right now working out how to enter into Albania....

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to May 25

Maintenance trip

Due of the perfect location close to Rotterdam, Lifgun will be serviced in several parts. All dealers and manufacturer are close by. Plan is to change the mainsail halyard, try to fix the boring WiFi antenna as well as servicing genset and heating. 

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Lifgun on her way south

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Lifgun will start in Spring her journey to Valencia Spain. The starting point is Kolding Denmark. After passing the Kiel Canal (Nord- Ostsee Kanal) she will heading towards Marina Cape Helius next to Rotterdam (Netherlands) to spend there the time until summer. 

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