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On tour in the med

Since casting off in valencia, we are now around 60 hours on the way.... Everything is fine - the first 36 hours arealways somehow crucial...but very important to get into the rhythm of the boat and the sea. Since then we had prevailing light breeze which make the living easy but somehow the sailing is then kind of boring. Even now in the middle of the 3'th day we only have around 5 knots of wind which means 3 to 4 knots of speed. It's not exciting, but nothing to change. Nature is the boss. The 24 hour runs are between 130 and 140 nm. This has to improve otherwise I'll never reach the very south heel of Puglia. But anyway started to enjoy reading and listening music, observing the sea and doing household and stuff. Let's wait an see if the forcast is accurate and the breeze is building until tonight. Right now we arencruising east of Menorca and will head for south of Sardegna.

40'18.072 N / 004'54.945 Markus

Holy shit - what's going on out there ?

Holy shit - what's going on out there ?

And again Ibiza........