Kinda birthday

Amazing, after thousands of miles towing a meatline without catching one single fish - today at around 8 pm I finally was catching my first fish. Guess what kind ?? A cool midsize tuna with big black eyes..... So this was really a great moment, even for me as sailor (and not fishermen) !! After recovering from the shock I've killed him with vodka and start to cut him. A big mess and I also injured myself a little bit - its not so easy to cut a "big" fish on the cockpit floor in the middle of the sea with all the waves and stuff...but at the end I did it and the present was my freshest sashimi ever :-)) with a gorgeous sunset as side dish.

The sailing so far was exceptional with 20 knots of wind we did great boat speed. Now the wind went down to 2 bft. and we do approximate 4 knots. But that's still okay after such dinner :-))

Listening music and enjoying the stars it's my duty right now, maybe a movie will follow up.

Good night from the blue desert.

Markus @ 39.11.212 n / 18.36.796 o