Welcome to the Lifgun-Blog. I am Markus Moser and i document my adventures in sailing around the globe. Now i’m getting ready for the Ostar race 2020!

First leg ahead.....239 days to go

First leg ahead.....239 days to go

Beginning of October the first leg on Lifgun’s way to Plymouth will take place - from Didim (Turkey) to Valencia (Spain). According the PredictWind routing around 1’700 nautical miles and maybe 11 days on the water. We also will pass or cross a couple of difficult waters, for example the cost of Libya with the difficult situation of the refugees and others. Beginning of September Lifgun went out of the water and with the support of the whole team of YachtWorks in Didim we worked in almost 3 days all open items down. That was an awesome job from YachtWorks ! Thank you guys!!

Here some of work we did - first of all we changed the sail drive sealing which means to demount the sail drive, the gearbox and all the stuff, then replace the rubber sealing and mount everything again. This should be done every 7 to 10 years, so we did it after 7 years which gives me a good feeling for the upcoming trips.

Then we did a couple of other small things, check out the list below :

a.) Labeling the windows according the safety rules of the Ostar 2020

b.) Exchanged the raw water pump gasket (i didn’t had one when I changed the pump in South Africa)

c.) Replaced the shower mixer in the aft head

d.) Replaced the deck shower with a new one

e.) Changed all filters for the water maker

f.) Replaced a broken valve in the front head

g.) Connected the Satellite unit (access point) with the 12 V power supply

h.) Replaced the anchor with a new one

i.) Installed a proper drainage of chain locker

k.) Put on 2 new layers of Antifouling

l.) Brushed and polished the worst spots away…

k.) Replaced the damaged halyards

l.) Changed a bended self tailing arm of one Anderson winch

So, next report will coming direct from Lifgun under sails, really looking forward to that !

First 3 Days on the way to Valencia

First 3 Days on the way to Valencia

294 days to go....

294 days to go....