Welcome to the Lifgun-Blog. I am Markus Moser and i document my adventures in sailing around the globe. Now i’m getting ready for the Ostar race 2020!

At the very start

At the very start

Today we’re talking about 275 nm buoyancy ))). At that time 5nm were sufficient. A short journey back in time to my first sailing experiences. Started at the lake Zurich back in the sixties…I think in the cover photo this must be on a Vagabond a french maybe 5 meter vessel which was imported by my dad.


The Europe dinghy was after the Optimist my first real (look at the shape) sailboat. The race mode kicked in then.


Totally concentrated at the helm…….


Already branded foul weather gear……(thank you Elvstrøm)…..


Sailing a H-Boat … Awesome memories. In the meantime spent many hours on boats and still love it !

Work out

Work out