First steps in Turkey

Hy guys, after 10 days sailing in Turkey, my conclusion is : that is an awesome part of the world for sailing. But lets start from the beginning. After arriving, again with a bag full of spare parts, on Friday June 22, we invested the whole day for to fixing / exchange the the new parts on Lifgun. In particular we exchanged the trotted lever unit from the Volvo engine, reassembled the Watt and Sea Hydrogenerator, exchanged the vhf unit with a new one which is fully n2k compatible, mounted the new Elvstroem Sails and exchanged the defective pressuring water pump. After that on Saturday June 23'th we started sailing, wow it's so amazing to sail in between all this little islands and to have the option to drop the anchor everywhere you want. It's a complete new way of sailing....after eating all this miles. So we spent the first night in a small bay opposite Turgutreis on anchor, enjoyed to swim and just chilled on the boat. On this point I figured out that the sun protection is not optimal on Lifgun. When you are on anchor, you really need something to make shadow in a efficient way. I think we have to integrate some sum shades in the lazy bag. Next day we travelled to a bay in between Turgutreis and Bodrum. Awesome too. Inflating the dinghy and enjoyed the cool drinks on the beach. So, all these days went over with very little sailing, which was cool too (you won't believe it!!). Lifgun is in great shape (thanks to YachtWorks) and it's pure fun to spend time on/with her. Btw, the water in this area is just amazing, you are able to see every detail on the ground with 6 meters water in between. Therefore the shower inside was never used during this trip. And the turkish government really takes care of the environment, the blue card which let them check out that no black water is going to the sea. A bit of paper work, but it seems to work. My conclusion is : Soon again.