To all Womans

Dear Lady's - This entire page is dedicated to you. As you maybe know I always go when I reaching a new country, as one of my first duties, to a hairdresser. It's a very old habit and the background is that I strongly believe in the fact, that you nowhere get such a lot information in such a short time, then at a hairdresser.... Anyhow - this time I found a guy in the back yard of a shopping center and I was asking for the full program. In my case this means normally shaving and a haircut. So...what happened then is a unique story, I made some "first time experiences" and that's the reason why I'm dedicate this to all of you Ladies....

He was starting with the shaving.... first as usual with the foam treatment then he shaved the whole face as usual, then he was putting a layer of powder on my face, then he used a normal electrical razor machine then the foam procedure started over again..I thought wow - that is looking very serious.... After this 3 steps he was starting to cover my face with a kind of wax thing...I was surprised know ..... I was sure that I will not die....Anyways this wax stuff was cooling out for a couple of minutes, then he was taking it away - HOLY SHIT WHAT A PAIN !!! I WASN'T SURE ANYMORE THAT I WILL SURVIVE THIS TREATMENT... Then he was starting to fill in two Q tips  which were completely covered with hot wax to my nose and was also covering both of my ears. Couple of minutes later he pulled it away ....SHEEEEEZZZZ THAT WAS 10 TIMES THE PAIN OF THE FIRST REMOVAL...... No fucking clue how all the  woman can do that waxing stuff on a regular base. Therefore my deepest respect to all of you. 

Then he put on a fango cream or whatever which was drying on my face,,,during that process he was cutting my hair then washed my whole head, burned away the left over hair with a kind of flare (which also was looking very dangerous) and finally after around 50 minutes I was allowed to stand up. 

Best ever Barber experience I ever had ! And once again to all my men friends - stay away from this waxing stuff - you'll not survive !

Sent from Didim (Turkey) Friday February 9'th 2018 16.07 local time

This was nmot my hairdresser...but I've liked the word "KuafÖr".....

This was nmot my hairdresser...but I've liked the word "KuafÖr".....