Nightmare in the Red Sea

This is a nightmare. It started tonight at 2 am when the genua went down. I thought, okay, probably the halyard broke. I started to bring down the genua and tried to fix this big sail on deck. Because of the dark I decided to use the engine until sunrise. Shortly after sunrise I figured out that not the halyard was broke it was the top fitting of the furler thing. But the halyard is up in the mast. After thinking a bit, I decided to use the heavy weather fock without forestay - grab out the sail and hoisted it, this was working for a couple of hours then the fock was exploding in several parts and wend to the ocean. Shit, the second sail Ive lost. This fucking red sea turning out as a very expensive piece of water...Fact is, that to sail upwind only with mainsail is not really working. After thinking an hour and testing to sail only with the main I finally decided to try to fix the profile forestay and then to hoist the storm fock. Again gymnastic on the bow for 90 minutes in quite big waves, then hoisted for the first time in my life the storm fock. She is orange colored ))) - since then we are sailing again. My lord - this was really the worst day I ever had on sea. Hopefully this setup will now work until Port Suez wich is around 200 miles away. Stephanie forcasted strong winds for tonight - will see how we manage this, right now we have force 6 true wind speed - which is 7 aws....We keep fighting - I promise this to everybody.....
Sent from 26.50.226 N / 34.20.715 E - 11.44 UTC - January 29th, 2018