Last Sunday in the Red Sea

Hi All

180 nautical miles until the start of the Gulf of Gubal. Tomorrow evening we should be there. The conditions have been terrible the last few days. I really wondering how Lifgun is survive....short step waves with a very short intervall - its a horor scenario... Full heel angle, spray allover and noise like hell. And the worst is, due of the tacking the progress is very slow.  Its really unbelievable how exhausting this kind of sailong is - not only physically exhausting, also mental. We are now at day 37....and I really looking forward to have land under my feets. At least it seems that were able to do it, less then 48 hours until Port Suez. Im still debating with Stephanie from Meteogib the weather pattern which is really helpfully but even she is not able to change the winds, upwind stays upwind. This morning a fresh bread was coming out of the oven, which is always a big moment. Right now were sailing parallel to the coastline with north easterly winds, Ill pray that
 they stay as long as possible, so we can reaching for a couple of hours. Sailed since Richards Bay 5398 nautical miles which is around 10000 km. Next news from the Suez Channel !

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