Tough night

Hmmmm....... Yesterday night was a nightmare. To reach the read sea wass freaking tough. Until dinner everything was under control, after an hour napping, I thought something is wrong with the boat and second something is wrong with my stomach....Stepping out and 5 meters behind the boat a red, green yellow flashlight was blinking. I thought, shit an attack or something is going on, and needed couple of minutes to orientate myself..Finally I figured out that I hit a fishing net, boat speed at that time 1.2 knots because of the net. However - Bluewater runner down, and resist the first idea to turn on the engine....due of the propeller...should I try to sail reverse ? Single handed in the pitch dark ways. Maybe gybing helps... we tried that same same but on the other side...With the torch I regognized the ropes behind the rudder, with an telescope hook I was able to catch the line and cut was gone another one was still behind the boat. I grabed the second
line with the same system and cut it apart same as the first one. Liberated. First to toilett, I really felt sick... then sails up again and start moving. Btw my dinner was first tuna sahimi and then tuna steak from the braii..Anyhow back to bed and tried to sleep. One hour later I woke up and again something was strange with the boat. Same story, different fishing net - fuck - its an nightmare to sail close to the coast line or in narrow spaces...Again sail down, cutting the ropes, sails up and so on. My stomach was at that time paining like hell. Ill tried to sleep for two hores more (until sunrise) no way - I was nervous and sick. At dawn, after spending some time in the bathroom....I started to clean up the mess from the last night. And finally at aroung 5 am UTC we entered the Red Sea.
2 to 2.5 Knot current northbound - thats cool. You sail 6 knots and you make 8.5 knots - free miles. The red sea is filled up with small fishing boats, nice people (they always were trying to sell me beer) - but tons of the small dinghies with 4 to 8 people aboard. Anyhow - based on the massiv traffic you have to stay in lanes, thats why my track is probably looking very straight. 10 more miles and then im out of the traffic seperation zone - and hopefully then I can sail a bit more free. My stomach is better now -  the problem was (I only remembered this now) that if you eat very fresh tuna the proteins are extremely it was most likely a protein overkill.... So, guys until Wednesday the wind should be from behind, then from north again - that means every mile we eat now, we dont have to sail upwind later on.. 1100 miles to Suez. Lets keep fighting. 

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