Weired night and entering the red sea

My goodness, yesterday night was weired, after cooking Risotto and having dinner, the rod starts noising - something was on the hook. After 45 minutes fighting in the complete dark, I finally won, a big tuna, maybe around 18 kg was aboard. After killing him with my bottle of vodka which is allways ready in the cockpit I hung him up on the backstay and waited until the blood was gone. This takes about 1.5 hours and is a mess, even if I developed in the meantime a system which minimizes the mess. However, then I cleaned him and started to cut the tuna in pieces. Another hour later (still pitch dark) the tuna was in the fridge and freezer, its massive how much meet one fish has....After cleaning up I decided to go for a nap. Then around 3 hours later the AIS was sounding that somebody is on collision course, however it was a german cargo ship which was somehow lost and missed the lane. I decided to go out to have look, after my first leg was in the cockpit somebody was yelling
like hell. Jesus, I was completely shocked. A seagull was sitting next to the compannion way in between of ropes and stuff. However, she was obvious not in the position to fly away, there was no runway.....I used a towell to fight her back until the stern, were she finally felt down into the water... but believe me - this birds are agressive in such situations...another hour was gone....At least my dinner for today is clear, some sashimi and the grilled tuna steak ))))
Im now around 65 nm from the read sea away, heavy currents here, but luckily from the back.  Right now we are doing with 11 knots of wind around 8 knots of SOG, 2 knots current from behind....It seems that we survived the Somalia waters with the pirates and stuff. Im happy about that, not that I was expecting something serious, but you never know...The forcast still says light winds and from around the middle of the red sea on headwinds... Until Suez its about 1300 miles....This will not be an easy leg, due the massive traffic which ist in this narrow what, we also will win this match ! Happy weekend to all land lubbers !

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