Repair workshop during sourrounding Africa

My Lord

First :It started this morning, the generator was again not working...take out all the stuff from the back compartement to get access to the generator, take away the box (sound proofing) from the generator, checking the oil level - was okay, checking all electrical connections okay, finally I decided to close the seacock and try to start the generator - until he has enough power to blow out the cooling water...that was working - The generator was running again.

Second : Then I tried to start the main engine - was not working - fuck - checking the starter battery - seemed to be on low voltage - okay - the search action for the jumper cable took me 30 minutes (but : I have one !) - then bridge the consumer and starter battery, the main engine was running again. Third : The anchor bracket was pointing from one moment to the other, in a wrong direction, the whole thing was loose. Took down the blue water runner, which is mounted there, demounted the anchor (25 kg in open water on
 the very front of the boat - thats fun folks), figured out that I  lost a 20mm screw, start thinking how to fix that again. Finally I found a screw (search and rescue time again 30 minutes) and started to fix this thing. Then hoisting the blue water runner again (Im sailiong dead downwind - no ways with other sails) and since then I pray that this provisional solution holds until Suez.....

Its now around 3 hours before sunset- since sunrise no food and only few cups of tee. It seems that Lifgun is limping, but at least we are sailing again. 295 nm until the end of the IRTC, then the red sea is next...Ahhhh - and by the way : In between of everything an air force plane was flying over me and was checking if I stand by on channel 16. Probably theyve checked if my position messages are correct..but its a cool feeling that at least somebody is flying around here. So, tonight its barbecue time - the t-bone went out of the freezer...Not sure, what the whole thing Im doing
here, has to do with sailing...but its fun anyway.

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