Awesome ! What a relief!!

Since last night we are more or less in the Gulf of Aden. Jesus - what a relief. The swell is down, 3 to 4 Beaufort, gentle waves and 80 degrees twa. The heel reduced to 15 degrees - first time since ever a breakfast without jumping eggs and moving food. Now we are heading with 310 degrees toward the entry gate of the IRTC (internationally recognized transit corridor) trough the Gulf of Aden. Fuck - Im so happy that we did this leg from South Africa to here - that was tough shit, believe me. Until now weve been sailing 3700 nautical miles, aroung 7000 km. That Lifgun survived this trip is more than I expected. I mean... you cant imagine how many hits and bangs she was eating. The teak in bow part is washed out, trillions of liters probably were splashing over this part. Wow... im proud of her ! However, yesterday my most loved baby was again not working again.... this anoying generator is like a princess.... this morning I checked against the cooling water, the oil level
 and decided that probably the oil pressure was a bit to high, therefore Ive drained 120 ml of oil and guess what .....genset is working again. This is important, then also my watt and sea hydro gen is a bit ill, no wonder after almost 18000 miles. He is still producing power but not the amount he is supposed. Anyways - better then nothing. The point is that the diesel engine just consumes to much petrol per kw/h. Worst case my fuel depot is not yet sufficent to produce enough electricity to get to suez, not talking about crucial situation or calm days... Until know we used the engine for about 10 hours during the whole trip, which is awesome. 
Anyhow folks, Im cruising here in the sun with 7.3 knots of speed and 10 knots of wind and feel happy and proud. By the way ..... so far never sighted a pirate nor a fishing vessel.... Yesterday we meet a privat 155 feet motor vessel on his way to the Maledives, the captian was asking me for a weather forecast.... something is wrong in this world....
Im looking forward to a decent dinner tonight, rod is out - hopefully we catch a fresh fish for that )))

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