24 days on sea

Dear All

This will be my longest upwind trip. My goodness...since 2350 nautical miles upwind and another 100 in front. No way to move around on board, its like mountain climbing... cooking is a nightmare, you ever tried to open a fridge when the whole thing is heeling 35 degrees and bumping at the same time ? Better not ))) Even sitting around. Even sitting around is exhausting, my neck is in top condition, therefore best is to lay around and not move to much....
The lndian Ocean is very lonely, no other ships, nothing. For the moment l'm really looking forward to have a few reaching days, to clean up an to become reorganized. During the last weeks l slowed down in the morning for 2 hours to run the generator and the watermaker, with the big heel the generator is sucking air as well as the watermaker.... during that time I'm also able to clean the kitchen, showering and shave my self.
Tonight we will passing the Suqutra Island, and then not far away the starting point for the observed corridor trough the Guld of Aden starts. 
Im looking forward to the red sea.... (believe me)
The mood aboard is good, there's still fish in the freezer, but it's almost impossible to cook them during upwind sailing - I'll eat them during the downwind passage trough the Gulf of Aden. Slowly it becomes a little bit less hot out here, which is very comfortable and allows me to sleep better downstairs. 

Happy greetings from the Indian Ocean !
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