Back in the northern hemisphere again

Hi Friends

Since this morning we are back in the northern part of the world again. The upwind beating which takes place since over 1500 nautical miles is hurting Lifgun a bit. The generator still makes problems and I couldn't figure out from where exactly the problems are coming. The watermaker was leaking, in particular his feed pump was leaking - this I fixed maybe in the afternoon. Everything which is not tight like hell is becoming loose. And it seems that we have another 850 miles of upwind sailing. But anyways, overall the situation is stable and it seems that we are on the right track. To be honest : Im tired of the banging, of the heel angel, of the noise - but no choice so far. We do around 160 miles every 24 hours, which is not bad, especially with the waves you find out here. Sleeping is almost impossible, its so hot and humid - every couple of hours you need a ventilation and dry break outside. The piracy situation seems to be stable. So far nothing happend. As usual I believe in the fact that the most storys are fairytales - but we will see what will be at the Horn of Aden.....

Hello from 0.25.797 N / 61.27.801 E / January 10th - 15.46 UTC