On the way to Walvisbay

Good morning everybody

Drifting in low winds north....in the east a huge fog bank covers the horizon. Out of this fog bank slowly the sun is rising. Listening "The Pogues" on high volume, watching the 20 birds which surrounding Lifgun over and over. Having a first cup of coffee and enjoining the eternity, eating the peaceful atmosphere, greeting the seals.... awesomeness !! Sure, already fixed the broken kicker rope and recognized that the genset is again not working - probably again this fu***** valve gap - no hurry, will take care of this in Walvis ....

Some words about Lüderitz, this is an amazing village, dedicated to the diamonds and sitting in the middle of a dessert. German style architecture and a lot of German influence allover. First evening we went for dinner to Barrels (one outof two restaurants in Lüderitz) and ended up eating Eisbein with Sauerkraut with Namibian Beers (which means German style beer). It was for me (as Swiss) a borderline experience to hae such a meal...but I've survived. And it was one of the best Eisbein I ever had (to be honest : I didn't had many Eisbein so far...). Next day I was trying to solve my braai problem (braai is bbq in Africa), the problem was since I bought this Magma braai (which is a dedicated marine braai) the valve is somehow not weather proof and somehow to complicated (let say build in american way to avoid any insurance claim - i.e it should be not possible for a 3 months old baby to open the gas valve and so on...) - anyway I bought a standard gas cooking connector in the supermarket which I completely demounted until only the valve was left over, then a hose and then I needed a connection to the braai which was gas proof. At Udo's car repair shop i discussed this with a guy who was considering that this is something I will not find in the whole word, but he can solder me something. Finally he soldering on a nut with 20mm diameter a gas nippel and the problem was solved. Guys - this is awesome craftsmanship - and it was for free (don't worry I was donating some money for beers and so) ! However my next problem was that my Torqeedo out boarder (its a electrical one) battery was only chargeable with 240 power, there was a small computer store around the corner and this guy was selling me the most amazing charging adapter I ever saw - now im able to charge my engines battery with 12 Volts out of the lighter socket and my dyson vacuum cleaner with 12 Volts also out of the lighter socket. Since yesterday I'm completely independent from 240 V power - these are great news at least for me !

So the conclusion about Lüderitz is "When German style meets African culture " - a little bit quirky - but fun !

Still drifting with two knots direction north.....wishing everybody a nice day !

24.15.647 S / 14.08.663 E - 06.19 UTC - March 02, 2017