Apocalypse now

Hi Friends

It was in the weather forcasts, yes I know... they were saying up to 35 knots of wind, starting somewhen last night. Therefore I put a 3 reef in yesterday before dawn - the result was then that until 4 am no wind around.  Sneaking upwind against the current. Huge thunderstorms behind me with big lightnings, somehow sceary moments. During this time I was running the generator, he stopped after 10 minuts....probably a short circuit and a fuse to change. Will do it when the weather is better again. Anyhow - from 4 am on - the wind was blowing with up to 40 knots which is a good 8 or a bad 9. Racing upwards with only a small piece of mainsail up and the auopilot is still able to handle the downhill surfs with up to 15 knots. Spending most of the time in the fore cabin and listening to audible books. A huge kitchen towel roll (I mean huge) was placed on the worktop of the kitchen, during a big heel the roll was sliding into the sink and opened the water tap.  The result is : No ki
tchen towels anymore and no water anymore. An expensive learning. The wind should stay like this until tomorow morning and then slowly ease - the only good thing is, that we at least make way in the right direction. Normally the part behind Madagascar is quite difficult because of low winds...

Cheers Markus


From 23.59.610 S / 35.51.795 E 10,23 UTC / December 26, 2017