Christmas @ the Indian Ocean

Hello Friends

Merry Christmas to everybody ! After sailing now for almost 36 hours, these are alwayst the most difficult ones, because I need to get used to the motion and the habits of Lifgun, I need to get used to the way of sleeping and the noise, were in the meantime arrived in Mosombique, crossing the bay of Maputo. The last 24 hours we were racing north east with around 25 to 30 knots of wind from the back. Now the wind slows down and should pick up again tomorrow afternootn or night.  Then it seems to become a bit lousy with 35 to 40 knots of wind - but still better then to sail with headwind. To be honest, I never was expecting such wind conditions at this time, in fact Im think that Im extremely happy to catch this window. However, right now its peacefull sailing which is okay for the 24th of December. I lost two huge fishes (probably Marlins), the really start jumping and fighting - its unbelivable ! Lifgun is fine, first time since years she is complete dry - it seems that
the keel fix was a success ! Ill try to get used to the sea life and adapting my body to the enviroment. My fame is not yet as usual, this will take another couple of days. But Im happy to make good progress. Altough I still have to fight with the agulhas current which is going southwest with up to 5 knots. And the waves which are at least double the hight of the atlantic. I wish all of you nice holiday season and peaceful days wherever you are !

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