Delivery room - back to the roots

Stop over in Kolding. Since they build right now a new Luffe 45 I'll heading up to Kolding for to check out few things in the delivery room. And for sure to chat with the Luffe crew about improvements they made or I would propose. Last but not least to have a couple of danish beers......

Lifgun survived the storms in Richards Bay - the locals told me, that they had between 70 and 80 knots of wind on the jetty's - which is not fun anymore. Lifgun was healing over almost 40 degrees. Luckily we sorted the mast positions with my neighbor beforehand. So, Lifgun's mast was swinging in between the two mast's of neighbor John's ketch. Only few scratches from the steps and the walkway on the port side of her. Sure we will fix that during the haul out. More will follow up... next stop Kolding.