Bad hair day

Hello Friends

Today it's 20 days since we left Mindelo. Sneaking trough the south Atlantic Ocean. With 10 knots of wind, full mainsail and code zero hoisted. This equals around 7 knots of boat speed..but if I look on the chart I feel somehow like sticking since days in the same area. I think before we not reached the Islands of Tristan Da Cunha nothing really will change on this situation. It's really a tough fight with miles and the high pressure systems down here. It seems that the move more or less parallel to us. And the routing indicates more and more southern routes for to catch the westerly winds. Outside it's full covered sky and a huge swell. I think around 7 Meters waves but with a distance (top to top) from about 400 meters. So you not really feel it, but it goes up and down all the times. No animals, no birds, no fish on the rod, no dolphins, no whales. Amazing and kind of test for your own psychic condition. The boat is fine, amazing fine... and she goes as fast as possible. No accusation in her direction.

Let's try to focus on Cape Town and try to figure out what happened out there to divert myself a little bit.

Enjoy your week ! Sent from 30.00.662 S / 21.27.246 W - January 9'th 2017 - 11.30 UTC