Hi All

Now the forecast is here, we are sticking in very low winds and the 24 hours run decreased to 110 nautical miles. But : It's great weather, calm sea, the boat is sailing upright, it's quite,  I opened all the hatches in one word : It's holidays from sailing. To have breakfast without holding the plate, to walk without banged against a table or a wall - this is really cool. It seems that this will stay like this until Monday or Tuesday. Then a northwesterly wind should start building. So..seems to become a relaxed weekend in sunny conditions. We are still sailing, because to use the engine is not an option - I rather prefer the save the fuel for emergencies or other stuff. This will set me back a few days but I have no other choice. Tonight I will have braai dinner, so however wanna join me - you're welcome !

Nice weekend to everybody from 26.36.749 S / 24.06.825 W / January 7'th 2017 / 12.33 UTC