Trapped in the calm

Hi Folks

Seems that we are trapped in the St. Helena high pressure system...winds
force 2 (!) from south east turning all the time and some waves which
are slowing us down a little bit. And it seems that the center of the
high is moving in the same direction as I do, which is not good - it
will slow us down significant. However that's one of the facts in long
haul sailing you can't escape, therefore we will sit out the situation. 
At least it gives us the chance to ventilate the whole boat for once and
it's not so noisy anymore then it was the last few weeks. That means
hanging around in the cockpit listening music and enjoying the extremely
blue Atlantic. The last two days we made good progress, each day 196
nautical miles in 24 hours, but this story ends now. The forecast is
also a little bit wired but to be honest I stopped to freak out about
the wind forecast - I have a rough idea how to sail and we will see if
it works. It's still a long way to Cape Town !! A damn long way !! Right
now we doing 5.5 knots (at least more as under engine) with 6 knots of
true wind speed. For now I'm happy to sail upwind :-)

And whoever believed in the fact that offshore sailing is matter of
downwind sailing - the answer is : This is not true !! In the meantime I
believe in the fact that the upwind capabilities of a sailing boat are
more important then the downwind quality. Downwind also a empty can of
coke is making progress..So - thanks to Luffe that they made such a
great upwind boat, I'm sure in each other vessel I would stick here with
two knots of speed.

Enjoy your St. Nicholas'day tomorrow !

From 24.05.701 S / 25.42.689 W 15.30 UTC / January 5'th 2017