Southern Ocean

Hello Friends

When we left Mindelo 14 days ago, I was the only one who was pointing
south. All other there had the plan to go to the Caribbean. In the
meantime I know why :-). First : This lake down here is HUGE ! Second : 
It's completely lonely, since Mindelo we didn't saw one ship or maximum
one, neither a sailing vessel. It's emptiness - pure emptiness ! Third : 
Since the Equator I sail more or less upwind on starboard bow (in fact
since about 3 weeks I'm on starboard bow - probably I need a
physiotherapist at Cape Town to bend me straight again) - but back to
this starboard story : the reality is that since the equator we heel
constantly between 15 and 40 degrees to the right. This makes everything
a little bit difficult. Cooking, walking around, the starboard sink is
closed and so on - btw at home I will need a bed with a minimum of 20
degrees slope !. Instead if you heading for the Caribbean then you sail
downwind - more ore less level. And it's less the the half of the
distance then to go to Cape Town. But okay - I think I'm shortly before
halftime. Maybe tomorrow. But it's a fantastic sea down here. The
weather pattern looking a bit confusing, the St. Helena high is somehow
strange and divided right now, therefore I heading now straight to one
center, the plan is to cross the center and hopefully then with westerly
winds going straight to CT. The models and routing proposals are still
very diverting but nothing to change, anyway it is like it is. Lifgun is
doing well, I just took out some 10 liters of water from the cabin (yes
: salt water), but no worry's - I was once opening a hatch after hours
of none overcoming waves, 5 minutes later the missing wave was here and
the water inside....All other stuff is really working, to be honest I'm
also surprised - let's touch wood that it stays like this !

Hello to everybody from 19.17.570 S / 28.08.160 W January 3'th 2017 - 
20.19 UTC