Fasten your seat belts - the big u-turn south

Good morning Folks

Wow - this was a great night. Roaring down SE with 20 knots of wind. True wind angle 150 degrees, full main, full Code zero, auto pilot on response level 9 - to make a long story short - under full steam. What we are doing right now is to surround a high which is placed in the north of us. In the southern hemisphere the highs turning anti clockwise. We started Yesterday noon with north westerly winds, now we are in westerly and this afternoon and tomorrow the wind should shift to south western and then to south and finally to south east. Speeds between 8 and 9.5 knots and full pressure on everything. I'm absolutely excited about the code zero, it's amazing how this sail is working even with 20 knots of wind and waves. Lifgun was roaring and I was sleeping. And we are faster then the routing was predicting (my polars in the routing are from a SWAN 46), in fact I'm always sail a race against my virtual partner on the computer (greetings to IDEC Sport :-) - tonight I won. The only disadvantage is that we due this detour have to eat more miles.  But at least it's fun. My VMG is not very good, but this will also change as soon as the wind is turning. Better to make more miles then to stick in a calm. At 07.00 UTC the new weather data is ready to download - then we will see how the next and almost last chapter of this story is looking.

Enjoy your Sunday ! 37.21.470 S / 11.07.597 E - Sunday January 22'th / 06.21 UTC