It's 1.52 UTC. I'm sitting in the cockpit having a coke - temperature 26 degrees. As a modern citizen I downloaded a night sky app on my IPhone. This shows you the different stars formation in the night sky. To be honest I didn't get it. I can's see the pictures but I see an extremely nice night sky. This is something you probably only can experience on sea maybe also somewhere up in the mountains. But never in a populated area. Anyway as longer as I'm out here I believe in the fact that mountains and sea are extremely close together. Many things you feel out here, you probably can also experience in a similar way (but different) in the mountains. But back to the stars. It's amazing how bright the sky is, amazing how many of them are in the sky. And how beautiful they are. Even if you don't recognize the different stars, it's an outstanding view. Anyway, the night out in the oceans are outstanding in two ways - sometimes, like today extremely peaceful and nice, sometimes (like it was in the doldrums) completely scary and frightening. Sometimes dark, sometimes bright. Today it's somehow special, also because we are sailing in calm seas (first time since long time) and with only 10 knots of wind direction south east. The TWA (true wind angle) is around 65 degrees that allows Lifgun to drive with around 7.5 knots ahead. And it allows me to sleep very calm and without to much shaking around. And still now idea how this fuc**** app is working.

So what ! - Good night from 15.32.691 S / 31.15.000 W - 02.01.2017 / 1.52 UTC