Weather and stuff

Guys !

This have been tough 24 hours. The wind was strengthen since yesterday evening from SE. However - in the middle of the night @ 03.00 UTC the 3'th reef was in, an hour later the genua was not longer up. In the morning the wind eased reef out, genua out. Then at 10.00 UTC the cold front passed us - 40 knots of wind, heavy rain and fucking cold temperatures. So 3'th reef in again, genua away. This everything with heavy swell. Shortly after that the wind turned (as usual) within seconds from SE to SW - but still 35 knots. A gyibe was necessary. Since then we are on the port bow. Cross seas with about two to three meters established - which is not really fun, especially for to auto pilot. Now it's 16.00 UTC and the wind should slowly turn to south and the force should decrease to 20 -25 knots.

The point is that between 18 and 30 knots of wind you always have to adapt the full sail clothes. Below 18 you can go with full sails and over 30 knots you are almost on minimal sails. the difference are just the waves - what I'm trying here is to sail under a much as possible pressure - but I have to respect the capability of the auto pilot and the safety of the ship. And sometime (specially at night) we slow down a little bit just to minimize the amount of maneuvers. So...that's how it is out here - and I'm glad that I'm still 2 degrees away from the 40'th latitude. because these moving low pressure systems not really making things a lot easier. And that's what I'm fighting here.

The diesel generator stopped working and after the hydro generators support hinges broke away I really had a serious energy problem. Because to charge the batteries by the main engine just needs to much fuel. But in the meantime I was able to repair the support, for the moment baby hydro is working again. If this situation is stable until tomorrow night, the whole situation is under control. If not ....we will see.

Right now we have to travel a little bit more then 1'000 nm - maybe a little bit less. Let's keep going !

Greetings from 37.29.454 S / 2.21.796 W - January 17'th 16.37 UTC