50 shades of grey

Hello Friends

It's grey down here. Unbelievable grey. Sometimes light grey, sometimes dark grey. And foggy. And rainy. And cold. And humid. But we are running under steam again. With 90 degrees true wind angle and big heel. And with 8 to 8.5 knots of speed. The best place right now is down in the berth under the covers. Last night we passed the Island of Tristan Da Cunha within 3 miles. I saw nothing, no light, no island - nothing. Only grey spray out of the fog. At least the good news are that we now heading east. And the distance to Cape Town is now probably below 1500 nautical miles. The routing predicts a estimated time of arrival at Monday January 23'th in the evening. Let's wait and see if this is true. Temperature during the night is around 13 degrees and raises during the day up to 19 degrees. Under deck its somehow wet and cold but better then on deck. Right now we sail with NE'erly winds and they should turn in the next days to NW - no storms ahead but some periods with 30 knots of wind. But we will survive. The hydro gen was saying good bye last night. Broken support. No way to repair. God thanks I almost didn't use fuel until today so I shouldn't have problems to keep the batteries up. The generator also makes problems but I didn't started to investigate why. A boat is an ongoing building site. So, let's keep moving on !

Hello to everybody from the grey ! 37.48.933 S / 11.10.070 W / January 15 - 09.56 UTC