Quote Amel Le Cleac'h : "Une situation météo vraiment anormale !"

That's what the leader of the Vendée Globe 2016/2017 was saying....I agree 100 % with him. The high pressure system is producing all the time a lot of small new highs which makes it almost impossible to find a way trough. Very slow winds and huge wind shifts makes the situation not predictable. But in general the situation is easy -  I have to sail south-east and no other choice than to to that. Right now the routing says that we need another 12 day for to reach Cape town. That means ETA is around January 23 - which is not so bad, the original idea was to use 30 days for to reach Cape Town. Now it seems that it will take 33 days. The mood on board is good and in the meantime I accepted the wind situation and the fact that there is now way to change it. According to the wind forecast the situation should become better within the next two days and then the daily progress should also return on a normal level - which means between 170 and 190 miles per 24 hours.

So, let's keep fighting ! Greetings from 31.46.450 S / 017.56.380 W - January 11'th 2017 / 08.32 UTC