Welcome to the Lifgun-Blog. I am Markus Moser and i document my adventures in sailing around the globe. Now i’m getting ready for the Ostar race 2020!

And again Ibiza........

However.....shakedown trip round Ibiza. With terrible weather for Spain..but so what (It's not visible on the pics..). Again testing the spectra water maker and the hydro generator. Slowly it seem that all system are working, at least for now. Which is always a great moment for a sailor :-) 

Sailed around 240 nm single handed and everything was going well, even the berthing is okay in the mean time.  Was using my new washer for a test which was amazing efficient. At least for my level. 

Also meet dolphins from time to time and almost no other sailors. Overall I'm very pleased with the boat and the gear. Hopefully this holds until November. 

On tour in the med

Easter @ Ibiza