Day two is almost over...after leaving Cartagena we were bothered by almost 36 hours of calm. Which is not really amusing. On one hand there is no way to use the engine to much, just because the fuel will never be sufficient for to go over really long distances, and on the other hand it’s shaking like hell. But now we are cruising in 20 knots of true wind speed towards Gibraltar.

It’s amazing how many animals are out here. The most funny mates are the dolphins which are playing around with the bot every tome they see you. Especially if you are single handed those guys are helping you to not feel lonely to much. And then there are tons of other animals which are mostly not visible. But if you see them one time it’s really great fun to watch out for those friends.

We hope to entering the atlantic ocean somewhen Sunday afternoon or evening and hopefully the low pressure system is by then not so active anymore and we will turn south asap. Right now I’ve turned the heating on... just to make a good clima inside the boat and furled the genoa in to reduce the load on the rudder and the boat.

In the meantime we have force 7 - around 30 knots - 2’nd reef and no headsail anymore…and it’s fucking dark and raining.

Wish you all a great weekend. Markus from 36.28.166 N / 2.29.136 W