Gotcha ! Crossed equator at December 27'th, 2016 -- 04.09 UTC

Cool, finally we did it ! It's nothing what you really feel, you have to be concentrated on your GPS otherwise you really miss this moment. I will celebrate this with a gin tonic from the bottle Jul was presenting me for birthday. A very special bottle and I was saving her for this moment. However out here the conditions are okay, I sail almost upwind (due the SE'rly winds), that means with about 40 degrees wind angel, this is not very comfortable but it's okay and it seem to stay like this for a couple of days. There are still some squalls which are moving around but with every hour more south the situation is stabilizing more and more. Waves (about 2 meters) are also a bit choppy and I'm looking forward to sail some deeper angles. I'm very proud of Lifgun that she was doing this way until here without any complains. So, for sure one zip of the gin belongs to her.

Hello from 0.00.000 N / 29.18.895 W 04.09 UTC