Let's go !

Good morning all, however it seems that we are ready to leave. And if not we will also leave. I loved Cartagena but I also love to leave this beautiful town. Anyway it's an amazing place to be, with extremely nice people (sure ...there are not that much in this time of the year...). On the wind map I've attached the routing with 3 wind models is visible. The entry into the atlantic ocean will be little bit bumpy - but this is only a question of maybe 36 hours, then the tradewinds should start blowing and give us a nice smooth ride to the cape verdes, The map shows the situation when we will entering the atlantic - keep in mind, it's a subject to change. But the models are quite consistent as you can see on the diagrams which showing the wind speed and the wind direction. The rule is as closer the lines are together as more accurate the forecasts are - because then the US and European models are pointing in the same direction. This not means that they are right.... So, let's move on and I'll try to post here from time to time via satellite and my host in Switzerland, thank you Jul for providing this service !