Next step(s) ahead

Dear Friends

The plan is to leave Mindelo next Tuesday..then the crucial thing is to crossing the ICTZ (Intertropical Convergence Zone). this a zone with low or no winds which is changing all the time and starts on the african coast and normally extend until 28 to 30 degrees west. This area around the equator can be a PITA (pain in the ass) with thunderstorms, calms and extrem high sea and air temperatures. In earlier times (I guess) sometimes they were really sitting in this area for weeks. Thanks to our modern grib file based wind forecasts, its much more easier to handle this zone. My plan is to enter the zone at about 5 degrees north and 28 degrees's not my idea  - I just copied it from the vendee globe guys - they were all passing in this region. And based on the fact that they have large meteo teams behind - I believe in the fact that this must be right. The forecast didn't looks so bad (see attached grib file) and therefore I'm optimistic that this will be the right way. So, two more days enjoying Mindelo and then around 1 month out there. Will see how this is working. 

See you soon ...Markus from Marina Mindelo CV

vendee globe tracks