Triple "R" Rodeo, Rollercoaster, Racing

Hi All

The last 24 hours was a wild fight with the sea. With 25 knots of wind and around 4 meter swell height it was like ongoing luna park feeling. But we were racing, about 206 nm in the last 24 hours, which is not bad for a tiny little boat like this, seems that Lifgun likes to surf 12 knots downhill and 8 knots uphill - and this with a wave period of maybe 12 seconds. So for Mindelo we have to eat another 300 miles, ETA tomorrow afternoon, which is great because I'm getting already used to arrive during the night in new harbors. The ride will continue, the wind slightly build maybe up to 27 knots - since this morning I use the second reef and a reduced jib.

Ahoi from 20.16.661 N / 23.34.601 W - Markus 2016.12.13