Good morning All

Right now I'm heading 198 degrees south, actual position 23.23.171 N / 22.45.822 W - the situation is as follows :

Underneath : 5'000 meters until the bottom

In front : 500 km to Cape Verde, on the left : 700 km to the Western Sahara, behind : 900 km to the Canaries and on the right side 4'400 km to Barbados....that's the bloody truth (to use the words of Jürg B.).....

Literally I didn't spotted a ship since I've passed the Canaries, out here it's the the total loneliness, at least from a technical point of view. But to be honest it's not like this, first of all we are two of us (no I don't need to see my shrink..) the boat is my mate, I take care of her and she takes care of me. Then you have animals i.e. dolphins which are visiting us from time to time, Whales, no birds, no mosquitos, no smells, no smog, no noise - but these rare encounters are making me not feel alone. However there are other tools which are extremely important - my movie library, books, my Iphone for the music, my spoken books, my ue-boom as portable speaker and my earphones and the sound of the waves.

Then you have the sun, the moon and the stars, the clouds and so on. All this stuff is becoming a much more importance then when you hurry around in a city.

And you have certain rites which gives you a structure in your day. After all that - I don't feel lonely !

Enjoy your Tuesday - hello from the blue desert ! Markus