Jesus... is this beautiful...

Hello friends

After passing the Canaries last night and sticking in between Tennerife and Grand Canaria for hours in the morning hours the easterly or northeasterly winds arrived. What a relieve.... And like somebody was cutting with a knife no single cloud anymore on the sky. It's unbelievably peaceful and nice. Until tomorrow the winds are rather low (i.e right now we have 7 knots of wind and 6 knots boat speed) but from then an the should steady building until around 20 knots. But to be honest right now it's how I was imagine this, 23 degrees and blue sky. Whats going on here on board - because of my not working AIS I have to be careful if I passage trough spots with more traffic during night- Last night it was like this - so I went to sleep only at 4 in the morning which is slowing me down (on a personal level) a little bit today. Then my biggest concern for the moment is that I didn't catch a fish - no idea why - but so far not even a fish was checking the lure....either the oceans are empty or I'm to stupid or better and more simple, I just use the wrong equipment :-)

Lifgun is doing very fine and I'm happy that she is a lightweight lady because this makes she running also with light winds. Until now I didn't use the engine more then maybe 12 hours (and this includes a 30 minute maintenance run every day just to make sure that the engine is still working). So tons of fuel still available, which is a good feeling anyway.

We are heading now more or less straight down to the Cape Verde, the routing software says that we should arrive there around December 15 in the evening. We will see what happened.

Enjoy your weekend and hello from 27.12.507N / 17.06.987W