Update about the current situation

So my friends.....here an update in 3 parts concerning the actual situation :

a.) Genset : Is working again, after Juan Pedro figured out that a little platinum electrode was not working anymore. He's comment was "made in China". However this guy has a direct connection to machines - I was impressed with which speed he was figuring out where the problem was. So, in fact we wait for a replacement which should arrive tomorrow.

b.) Raymarine equipement : After a total breakdown I was really a little bit scared about the state of the electronic stuff in general. But also here, after working few hours we found a not working STng converter (which translates different network languages ...out of what reason ever) yesterday afternoon. The replacement arrived this morning and we mounted it immediately with the result that the whole thing was as dead as before. With a spare raymarine cable we tried to isolate the bad area in the network. After 2 hours we were sure that the problem is in the helm area. Finally we disconnected the p70 unit (which is the steering unit for the auto pilot) and ...guess what - the whole system was working again and all components have been recognized in the network. It seems that the p70 unit is not working anymore and has to be replaced. The upside of this everything is, that I know now every single cable and understood 50 % of the logic system of maritim networks...

c.) Weather situation : There is huge low pressure system turning on the atlantic. That means the prevailing winds are south to south west. I need to go south or southwest. Wind speed forecast is between 30 and 40 knots...not nice. However I think there is a possibility to leave her on Thursday in the evening but it depends how the weather models are developing. 

Hello from Cartagena 



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