Cartagena - repair stop

Here we are, in the beautiful town named Cartagena. It was not the plan to visit this town... but here we are. As usual during the night the electronics really started to make problems. I'm getting used not to have AIS but then, suddenly the autopilot also starts to make troubles. And finally disengaged completely.... this was around...yes your right...2 am. I start to perform different tests to locate the problem - but at the end the technique was stronger then me. However the decision was to heading into Cartagena port and try to fix it onshore. And here we are - and guess what - there are 4  boats on the pier, one is just sitting here without anybody on board - the other three are all solo sailers - very funny and it seems only such people is underway right now. 

Hopefully tomorrow we will fix the problem and then let's try again. 

Hello to everybody from Cartagena !