Day 2 – going west

Thursday at 3 pm. UTC we docked off at club nautico valencia. With nice winds from astern an sunshine.
After setting sails we heading south to round the cap in the Denia area. Wind about 20 knots from noth west gave us a decent speed between 8 and 9 knots. As usual after a couple of hours I figured out what everything was not working - the list was longer then expected :
- Genset is like dead - no idea why or what exactly the problem is - I think I can survive without that, especially because the hydro generator producing enough power.
- After sailing 2 hours the AIS was saying good bye - this is more serious and I couldn't find out what exactly the problem was. The splitter is working as well as the AIS unit. VHF is also working. So for the moment I have to relay on the radar which is much more difficult but for the first night it was working.

The wind finally died at 3 am and I used for an hour the engine and then was sailing until Friday noon. Now in front of Murcia no wind anymore - engine is working again. Following the weather forecast a low pressure system should arrive until the evening an should give us a boost for the next two days - until we sneak out into the atlantic ocean.

Ahh..... after some visits from dolphins this morning also a skate was jumping next to us be honest I even didn't know that they are living in the med.

Dinner will be spaghetti bolognese a glas of red wine - and then the wind should build and hopefully we will run towards Gibraltar.

Hello to everybody from 37.41.800N/0.25.392W