Holy shit - what's going on out there ?

The last 24 hours (and probably the next 48) where showingus once more who is the boss... It was starting with some 25 knots of wind, no problem with 2 reefs in the main and the jib, the it was going up to 30 ... Furled the jib...everything cool. Waves become bigger... Let's say something like 2 meters.... At 35 knots and waves like 3 to 4 meters I took down the main which is a very funny job alone. From now on we sailed only under jib. The wind was stabilize between 35 and 42 knots, the waves between 3 and 5 meters.... Somehow impressive but not really fun anymore! The boat is looking like a battlefield- but overall Lifgun was passing the test - maybe the skipper has to do some extra learning - but overall we are quite satisfied. Right now we are relaxing in the shadow of Sardegna and waiting for the next blast.....

Goodbye and good night

Markus 38'39.879N/009'06.050E